Pratik Air Freight

Surface Freight Service

Pratik Air Freight

We ensure time-definite deliveries through our robust network supported by 'hub and spoke' model, which is intended to minimize the distance travelled. This offering enables 'just in time' and lean supply chain requirements of the customers.

This service also allows them to plan their in transit inventory - an important input for advanced materials and distribution requirements planning.

We fully utilize our infrastructure, technology resources, research and development, network, fleet and our ecosystem of partners to provide an unrivalled fastest transit time in the industry.

Key features of the service are:

  • Fastest transit-time in the industry
  • Largest Supply Chain Network
  • Guaranteed On-time Door-to-Door Express Delivery
  • ISO-9002 certified, all-weather-proof, containerized vehicles
  • Multi-modal freight services with varied customized solutions
  • Advanced 'Track and Trace' facility
  • 24 x 7 and 365 days a year operations
  • Dedicated, well trained and experienced workforce
  • Longest direct haul network in India, with direct routes running between strategic locations
  • Proactive clearance of Octroi & Entry Taxes to provide seamless transfer of goods
  • Proactive reporting and online track & trace to ensure pin-point accuracy in delivery schedule

Contact us at (022) 3228 0044 to schedule your air freight, rail freight or sufrace freight. You can depend on Pratik Air Freight for all your time-critical deliveries.