Pratik Air Freight

Rail Freight Service

Pratik Air Freight

Pratik Air Freight offers pan India freight transport through the world's second largest railway system, with proven credentials for efficiently handling huge bulk shipments like FMCG products, raw material and industrial finished goods. It offers both SLR & VPU or Break bulk facilities for bulk goods as well as train shipment facilities to retail & small customers. Pratik Air Freight ensures a cost effective, safe, reliable & ethical service, which has secured its involvement in all major government and private projects.

Key features of the service are:

  • Experience of more than 20+ Years in Rail Transportation
  • High levels of expertise and experience
  • Single Integrated Solution provider
  • Multi-Model Movements

Contact us at (022) 3228 0044 to schedule your air freight, rail freight or sufrace freight. You can depend on Pratik Air Freight for all your time-critical deliveries.